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Automation in Warehouse


Automation is a dynamic tool and materializes in several shapes and forms. In warehouse automation is means machines and robots that help workers with operations akin to inventory from arrival to it leaving the warehouse. Leveraging warehouse automation solutions aid warehouse to boost productivity and efficiency, bring down labour costs and enhance safety.

There is always an internal pressure of repeatedly managing the storage and supervising of large volumes of inventory, raw materials and assets more aptly year after year. It means implementation of new advance strategies to gain critical efficiencies, cost reduction, and boost productivity.

Warehouse Automation technology is the key to solving warehouse and distribution challenges, thus making life better in the process. Worldwide businesses have taken a leap.  Warehouse operations attain greater outcome with fairly less effort with the use of technologies, this is enabled by warehouse automation.

Different types of Warehouse Automation

Through automation any warehouse that needs to revise can benefit. Few common ways types of automation.

  1. Goods- to- Person technologies (GTP) – GTP technologies is a solution to transport items from the place to the worker, instead of workers traveling to the place to pick them. Companies that weigh GTP technologies can curtail their operating and order attainment costs, thus improve service levels.
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) – In this technology the goods are brought out automatically and replaced into the storage. Warehouses with AS/RS systems couple them with warehouse software system that regulate the process and assists warehouse workers in processing orders.
  • Pick-to-light systems- In this system operators scan barcodes as LED displays highlight to navigate them to the correct storage location and also to pinpoint exact items to be picked. The button near the display is pressed on the completion of the task as confirmation, that the picked item has been placed in the container.
  • Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)- AMRs are used in e- commerce attainment situations to focus on high- volume, high labour requirements. Use of vacuums, and trays to pick boxes and totes from warehouse shelves into mobile robotic cart are other AMRs.

Benefits of Warehouse Automation

The benefits are multi-fold, mostly for the warehouse managers delving into automation is the reduction of manual errors.

  1. Increases  speed
  2. Maximize warehouse space
  3. Accurate inventory counts
  4. Enhancing overall warehouse safety


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