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Courier services have a very specific place in the delivery marketplace. It’s all about to pick up, shifting and delivering parcels as quickly and as efficiently as possible to keep the amount it costs to send a parcel down. The parcel delivery network works in a way to know that the parcel will reach its a destination on time and at a reasonable price. Companies are providing reliable delivery for domestic requirements by designing specifically to meet the needs of the Indian domestic market, the air and ground services have been in operation presently to address non-commercial and commercial shipping requirements. Companies have made its domestic services available for everyone from corporate sectors to Individuals, Businessmen, traders, exporters and importers. Services can be used for sending shipments like parcels, commercial shipments, samples, air freight, air cargo and for individuals, household and corporate sectors etc who get transferred to different cities to carry households, personal effects, Project equipment, Machines, Automobiles and Ancillaries Spares and Exhibits, food items, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates, excess baggage, unaccompanied baggage and relocation services etc. India is noted as one of the fastest developing nations in the world. There has been an immense growth during the past few years and there are several types of industries presenting a broad variety of products and services for domestic and international clients; including courier services in India. Exchange of goods and services within like small businesses and large corporations, across all types of industries, in all regions of the world, is called the global business. Companies are very active in retail and national distribution, working 24 hours a day, with appointments, pre-advice, JIT and precise reports and providing high-quality services to demanding customers, optimizing the fleet availability according to production and market needs like order-taking, preparation of complex value-added orders, follow-up of orders, re-packing, labelling, marking, advertising, folding of documents and staking under films, individual or mass repackaging, assembling of items, specific conditioning, modification of units, packaging, Cross-docking, customs and documentation handling, backhauling, collection of goods, market chain distribution, door to door delivery. The companies are engaged in the Third Party Logistics, it is a function by which the owner of goods outsources various elements of the supply chain to one Third Party Logistics company that can perform the management function of the client’s inbound freight, customs, warehousing, order fulfilment, distribution, and outbound freight to the clients’ customers. In present days, companies are focusing on strategic renewal, searching for creative solutions to reduce costs, raise the bar on customer service, manage risk and increase efficiency. Most of the non-core activities like logistics are outsourced. The outsourcing of supply chain services can help improve process efficiencies and serve customers more effectively.


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