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Like nearly every company making the move to order fulfilment is experiencing, challenges abound—and one of the biggest is finding space…any space. “Almost every place in the country is severely constrained,” “And the options are few for users entering the market. Finding the right building is important, but finding the best location is tougher. ”Most users today need buildings that can accommodate materials handling systems and equipment, ceiling heights, internet bandwidth, and, externally, ample apron parking so that goods can be moved in and out of the facility without restraint. “Companies are finding that they must do more for trailer storage so that a driver can drop one trailer off and pick another up,”.Then there’s the issue of providing parking for truckers who have timed out on their driving hours per FMCSA rules. If the facility was built 25 years ago, it’s probably not appropriate.” The trend for time-specific deliveries is especially accelerating last-mile concerns, causing many DCs to be located near urban centres to be closer to consumers. Given the shortage of space in some markets, some users are turning to adaptive reuse of older industrial properties in cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and Toronto. “This has caused an interesting renaissance for older buildings,” “These buildings do require refitting, as modern warehouses are not the same of as older facilities.” However, at the top of the list of site selection concerns now is finding and retaining employees given today’s low unemployment rates. Enter a human-centric design. Companies that have put an emphasis on quality of life and positive work culture and have been able to effectively attract and retain employees, even when in direct competition with some of the largest industrial occupiers in the market. Given the uncomfortable temperatures in warehouse and DC facilities, heating and air conditioning is the most obvious amenity that could be offered to workers. But historically, such temperate environments have been uncommon. “Putting AC and heating in these buildings comes at a big cost,” “And depending on how the lease is written, the utility bill either goes go to the owner or the tenant.” Today more buildings are being built with comfort in mind. “Workers still go to work where the salaries are the highest”. “However, they will also go where they are more comfortable.” Other amenities are finding their way into DCs such as basketball and bocce ball courts, lunch facilities, locker rooms, ping pong tables and workout rooms.


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