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Increasing technology innovations are making big waves across industries, and logistics and therefore the supply chain could also be one of the foremost impacted sectors. Notorious for its heavy use of manual processes and enormous amounts of knowledge stored in several ways and in several places, the logistics industry has perhaps the foremost to realize from implementing new technologies and following the foremost innovative Supply Chain and Logistics technology trends.

Recent years have seen massive advancement for the logistics industry in areas like artificial and augmented intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation, to call just a couple of. These technologies have evolved faster than ever while startups with even newer solutions and innovations continue shooting up at a rapid rate. But attached to those innovations are new expectations and standards, forcing logistics companies to either adapt or fall behind. Much pressure comes from customers within the sort of individuals and enterprises, all of who are demanding their products or services come faster and cheaper than ever before.

In the previous couple of months, the planet-wide pandemic has affected most aspects of the world economy. One industry that has seen particularly noticeable changes over the past few months is e-commerce. As self-isolated consumers turned to online shopping, it’s created immense pressure on the availability chain logistics industry to stay up with the increasing demand. logistics and supply chain management courses in Kerala help you to know more about this concept.

As a result, logistics companies are stepping up with innovative strategies to reply to those rapidly shifting logistics trends in 2021. From automated warehousing technology to last-mile delivery solutions, here are the highest 15 emerging trends within the supply chain logistics
1. Blockchain
2. E-commerce Logistics
3. Reverse Logistics
4. Digital Training
5. Gamification
6. Elastic Logistics
7. Warehouse Automation
8. IoT – Internet of Things
9. Cloud Computing
10. Last-Mile Delivery
11. Sustainable Supply Chain Management
12. Social Sustainability
13. Logistics Industry Investment Trends
14. Risk Management Framework
15. Lean Logistics

Companies within the logistics and provide chain sphere must continue preparing for all of those bigger changes with innovations.


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