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Five Key Facts About Logistics and Transport


Logistics and transport are critical parts of the supply chain, which is made up of three main segments namely manufacturing, purchasing, and transportation. As such, the supply chain as we know and understand it would be inefficient without the role that logistics and transportation play.  So what exactly do logistics and transport mean?


Logistics refers to the cost-effective process of planning and controlling the movement and storage of cargo from the point of origin to the end-user or the customer. Historically, the term logistics was always associated with the military whereby the term would be used to refer to the process of supplying troops with the necessary supplies and tools. Today, logistics can be applied in many sectors including transportation, warehousing, in the flow of information, packaging, and even the disposal of products.


Transportation refers to the movement of people or goods from one point to another through road, rail, air, or sea. Every facet of your life is affected by the transport industry. With freight being the economic stronghold that it is, all goods that are moved from point A to B help to form a complex logistical puzzle that allows you to live contemporary life comfortably.

There are some very  interesting facts about logistics and transport that will help you to know more about this industry

Logistics and Transport fact #1

The logistics and transportation industry is one of the biggest, spanning decades since its inception as a business in the 50s. The transportation and logistics industry is made up of the following subdivisions:

  • Road
  • Maritime
  • Warehouse
  • Storage
  • Aviation
  • Rail

Logistics and transport fact #2

If you combined all the sausages that are delivered by the logistics and transportation industry every year, the sausages would reach beyond the moon.

Logistics and transport fact #3

The largest ships in the world are capable of carrying the Eiffel Tower and an Airbus. Not only that, but they could also navigate comfortably and still have room for more. This takes a lot of fuel. The largest cargo ships burn around 250 tons of fuel a day. If the shipping industry was a country, it would rank sixth on the list of biggest polluters.

Logistics and transport fact #4

You can reach anywhere in the world using just shipping channels and roads. Danish traveler, Thor Pedersen has been traveling around the globe without the use of air travel since 2013. He posts himself from port to port much like a parcel, traveling virtually for free, via freight ships. Then using road and rail, he intends to visit every country on the planet.  

Logistics and transport fact #5

The most commonly shipped items are food, clothing, furniture, and electronics.


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