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Inbound logistics refers to the transportation, the storage and also the receiving of products into a business. It relates to goods procurement for office use or for the assembly unit. In a manufacturing company, the assembly unit purchases raw materials or components from its suppliers for the assembly of other goods.

In simple words, inbound logistics is bringing in goods which are purchased for office use or production of other goods. This include the movement of raw materials, finished goods, and supplies from a manufacturer or other marketing to a fulfillment center, warehouse, or outlet reckoning on the business model.

An effective inbound logistics program may end up in higher quality products, more cost savings and increased sales. It will also improve customer satisfaction, while also reducing total overhead and wasted materials.

Inbound logistics processes may include managing suppliers, costs, inventory, and transportation to make sure the correct components or subassemblies arrive within the factory on time.

Inbound logistics when viewing a business cycle is knowing how goods are transported and stored when in transit; this might get on truck, ship, in warehouse or using air carrier.

Businesses should be ready to clearly differentiate between the responsibilities of inbound logistics to maximise their operational efficiency. By optimizing logistics management, companies can proportionately increase production levels to spice up sales and customer satisfaction.


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