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Logistics industry has not been a strong competitor, and has not been able to achieve the deserved attention. There is a lot of scope in this sector, but we are still unable to make the maximum utilization of resources. At the same time we do see a great demand and awareness of the sector in the recent years. Several new companies have started entering the sector to offer services .The advancements in technologies indicates that there are a lot of changes that may take place in the sector. The Logistics sector plays an important role in strengthening the economy. It is the lifeline for every other commercial sector. More and more companies are shifting towards outsourcing operations to third-party. Technology and innovation can lead to a large number of opportunities in Logistics. In order to remain competitive all the competitors must adopt the latest technological advancements.  Technology will also bring more speed and efficiency in the system. With many technological interventions, electronic toll-collection systems and reduced requirement of paperwork may cause strong disruptions in the sector. With up gradation of road infrastructure, cargo handling will also shift from air-based to surface-based transport. Overall this will result in achieving better infrastructural utilization, boosting overall feasibility of the network, and improving the bottom line.

Technology will also bring more efficient risk assessment and greater control over the company. The advantages of introducing technology is important as it helps to run differentiated and flexible operations leading to competitive advantages and increased consumer satisfaction.

It will also assist companies to attain a higher degree of personalisation in their consumer offerings. The field of logistics and supply chain management courses in kerala will be known widely.

India has reached the 35th position which will lead to numerous changes in the industry as there will be development and additionally between state cargo, an impact of union government’s dedication to make India as a favoured destination for some worldwide organizations.

Actually speaking the scope and role of logistics have changed over the years. Logistics used to support primary functions such as marketing and manufacturing. The industry has grown up to include warehousing and transportation activities, purchasing, distribution, inventory management, packaging, manufacturing, and even customer service. More than that logistics management courses in kerala has evolved from the old techniques to a strategic one,that provides unique competitive advantage. The global marketplace has forced every industry to transform into a truly customer oriented enterprise.


To stay ahead globally, organizations must always look for innovative strategies to improve their competitiveness. As organizations are globalizing to reach out to new markets and to achieve higher production, logistics will play an important role in moving of materials, products, and services through their supply chains. It is been noticed that the logistics sector is willing to sustain their position in the market, and hence will have to adopt innovations. Logistics service providers must have to adopt and creatively make use of the latest technology, because logistics industry strongly depends on information that is needed for efficient operations. Logistics technologies means the use of the hardware, software, and network design to support processing and exchange. It also includes related components in the supply chain, such as satellite transmissions, web-based ordering, EDI, bar coding, systems for order entry, order processing, vehicle routing and scheduling, inventory replenishments, automated storage, and retrieval systems, etc.
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