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Logistics Industry : Just a Degree or Passion?


What Is Your Career Logistics Goal?

If you are planning to join for logistics degree or certification program only for job then, this course is not worth it. If enter into a logistic field because the industry is pay master, after few years of hardwork you will have self – realization that all this year’s worth is nothing more than a big number in bank account, that’s it. Reliant is best logistics institute in Kerala.

Try to grow in logistics field if its your passion. Live the passion instead of just making money.

About Logistics Industry

Logistics is a best platform with excellent opportunities for talented and energetic future managers in abroad as well as India. The scope is increasing as company CEO’s perceive the importance of Supply Chain Management (SCM) which is growing at a faster pace.

A career in Logistics offer’s challenging profile with a early responsibility along with travel opportunities and excellent remuneration package. Logistics management is essential not only to the world’s dominant organizations but also offers immense job opportunities in freight forwarding companies, couriers etc. Also, companies with manufacturing and distribution operations need  trained professionals. In short we can say that , any organization irrespective of size and type, needs self-motivated, industrial ready individuals to become their future supply chain leaders.

Inshort, logistics field can be called as the backbone of almost every business now. Even on a small scale industry , It has become absolute necessity. 

Logistics Industry In India : In India the logistics sector has become a key performance indicator of the economy. One of the prime reasons for this is the tremendous growth in the Indian economy, which has led to rise in the volume of freight traffic moved which inturn has opened up new growth opportunities in different areas of logistics. According to the World Bank’s  Performance Index (LPI), India is ranked 39th place among 150 countries of the world.

Logistics Industry – India

Size : The total estimated market size of industry in India ranges between USD 90 to 125 billion. Also logistics sector employs over 45 million people in India.

Importance in India’s Economic growth: cost is 13% of India’s GDP Concentrating on the  sector will support future growth in India.

The Future: In the future years, the Indian economy will be mostly driven by sectors like manufacturing and retail. So to contribute effectively to the economy, the Indian logistics industry needs to improve upon its gap and deliver value enhancing result.

The major areas that logisics industry needs to focus are below mentioned:

 Expansion of distribution channels to increase consumer reach
 Reduction in operational cost along with improved delivery time
 Overcome infrastructure cost & implemention of E-Infrastructure
 Efficient port utilisation and decrease in the turnaround time
 More storage infrastructure investments like warehouses & cold storages
 Organise the transport operations on a pan India basis
 Adopt the latest technology
 Solution to skill gaps issues

Qualification Required To Enter The Industry:

Educational Qualification – The basic requirement is a Certificate course, Diploma Certification, Bachelors’ degree, PG Diploma Certification. In India candidates are offered courses and trained in logistics aspects relatied to movement of goods over land, air, or water.However, for a promotion and hike in salary, you can go for a Masters’ degree. Many colleges provide distance learning option for the working professionals. Logistics Institutes in Kerala manage complete career building management and facilities.

Skills :

Problem-solving skills and analytical skills are a must for this Job profile.

Good communication skills to communicate with domestic and international clients.

Good decision makers.

Quick Learner and tech savy.

Scope of  job

Job Prospects

As student’s know very little about the industry, there’s a lot of hypothesis regarding career. As we are moving forward towards Globalization the jobs in the Logistics are increasing each day. As a flourishing industry, it offers good job opportunities Any kind of business needs logistics professionals. Depending upon organisational size either an individual or whole department will be needed.For eg if the organisation is small, a single employee or manager will be able to handle all the work and incase of a big organisation an entire department will be required for the same.

Many people start their career with an entry-level position and with their apt skills and hard and smart work reach the managerial positions with greater responsibilities and better salaries. contact our Logistics Institutes in Kerala

An ample variety of job opportunities for entry-level managers are available. Good thing about this opportunities are they are not limited to a certain geographical location. The opportunities are available in warehousing, retailing and transportation sector. The job opportunity for freshers are in Warehousing sector which involves inventory control, preparing GRN (Goods Receipt Note) etc. To advance in your career, a strong business skill, process knowledge, and relevant work experience is required. Job opportunities for a passionate logistician is available in government as well as private sector

If you have passion for logistics , its worth entering.

The field is diversified in different profiles as follows :-

  1. Analyst

  2. Consultant

  3. Customer Service Manager

  4. International Logistics Manager

  5. Inventory Control Manager

  6. Logistics Manager

  7. Transportation Manager

  8. Logistics Services Salesperson

  9. Material Manager

  10. Production Manager

  11. Purchasing Manager

  12. Supply Chain Manager

  13. Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator

  14. Warehouse Operations Manager

  15. Third party logistics (3PL) industry

Apart from this, there are few other profiles as well which gives a chance to get into consulting, projects, strategic planning, production planning, capacity management and list goes on and on.

Life of a logistician can never be boring with this extensive range of duties. No two days are the same in logistic sector, every hour seems to bring about new challenges.

Logistics Jobs For Freshers – India

Jobs opportunities for freshers in Indian Logistics sector are growing. Skilled and educated manpower are required for planning and co-ordination of the procurement and distribution activities, co-ordinate stock transfers, goods return, quality control, pre-define and execute inventory plans, co-ordinate with transporters and reconcile stock accounts.

As a fresher you can take the first step in Logistics sector as Logistics Co-ordinator, a production planning associate, administration executive, supervisor -packing or supervisor-transportation, a shipping coordinator.

Salary Package

Salary package of jobs differ widely among companies. MNC’s are much better pay master compared to Indian companies. We can expect a good remuneration along with Global exposure and networking.

Major Companies Of Logistics Sector

The major companies are :

  • Perot Systems
  • Spurthi Group
  • Celeste
  • Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.
  • Coromandel Infotech India Limited
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Logesys Solutions India Private Limited.
  • Aegis Logistics Ltd
  • Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
  • Allcargo Logistics Ltd
  • Blue Dart Express Ltd
  • Container Corporation Of India Ltd
  • DHL Express India Pvt Ltd
  • FedEx Express TSCS India Pvt Ltd
  • First Flight Couriers Ltd
  • Gati Ltd
  • Globe Express Services Pvt Ltd
  • Transport Corporation Of India Ltd 


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