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The urge for continuous advancements within the logistic industry has opened new doors for disruption. One among the main breakthrough technologies that are making an enormous change in logistics is digital twin.

A Supply Chain Digital Twin may be a detailed simulation model of an actual supply chain which uses real-time data and snapshots to forecast supply chain dynamics. From this, analysts can understand a supply chain’s behaviour, predict abnormal situations, and compute an action plan. In other

Digital twin may be a virtual model of a true thing. It stimulates both the physical state and behaviour of the thing. A digital twin stands as a bridge between physical assets and digital models by using sensors to collect real-time data from vehicles, aircrafts engines, buildings, etc.

The digital twin concept has been around since the start of the 21st century. The technology is now slowly making its way into logistics. Applying digital twin in logistics will help bring deeper insights into the design, designing, operations and optimization of the availability chain network individually or globally.

Digital twin may be a handy solution that permits logistics providers and other supply chain enterprises to supply increased transparency to people involved. With greater transparency in supply chain, partners can easily recognize inefficiencies and work together to enhance processes and streamline operations.

Getting a digital twin of warehouses and distribution centres could have a big impact on the planning, operation and optimisation of logistics infrastructure. The digital twins act as 3D models of the power with upgraded technology to look at movements and packaging works done inside an indoor place. Warehouse digital twin can support the planning and layout of facilities, allowing companies to optimise space utilisation and simulate the movement of products, personnel, and material handling equipment.


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