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In today’s situation competition is increasing day by day as new entrants are making pressure on others. The business surroundings is way advanced and competitive nowadays. As competition is growing, technology adoption has become essential to realize quicker rate of growth resulting in reduced manual efforts to hurry up the operations. Demand from shoppers is increasing day by day with relation to product options and value. Shoppers need higher service levels and customized product resulting in their satisfaction. Innovation through technology adoption within the firm for various operations could be a leading challenge antecedently focus of organization was on to scale back price and to enhance quality, leverage competitive advantage. To realize competitive advantage, it’s necessary to own support of technologies in operations. As multiple factors might have an effect on a firm call to adopt and implement specific technology call manufacturers should understand, that that technology should be adopted specially part of the multiple operations going down during a firm. Supply chain management is documented as a significant space for data technology innovation and investment. Supply chain Management is referred to as a group of approaches and performs effectively to integrate suppliers, makers, distributors and customers for rising the long-run performance of the individual companies. provide chain as a full works during a cohesive and high-performing business model .Superior data interchange between provide chain associates, are often the crucial advantage of Associate in Nursing integrated provide chain that provides additional real time data and permits for additional correct inventory responses to fluctuations in demand. Technology adoption in supply chain provides extra benefits of inventory accuracy and additionally hurries up the general processes. The BAR-CODE technology brought the advancement to keep up the knowledge. Currently a day’s new technology viz. RFID has created a revolution by reducing the unessential time intense activities and additionally achieving higher accuracy. One in all the researchers documented the advantages of mistreatment time period data earned with RFID technology to trace the movement of Lorries throughout the readying and delivery within the automotive manufacturing plant.
Adoption of technologies in multiple organizations are often helpful by considering a number of the factors like for a few of the product RFID might not be applicable because of its demand for initial higher price whereas BARCODE could also be helpful in some cases, wherever time isn’t that abundant crucial however price could be a major concern. The stress on RFID adoption has seen in previous decade at massive.ID are often applied in observation of inventory at retail-store and might be useful for filling of product on real time basis. A typical provide chain might embrace, the receipt of stuff from their suppliers, then when sampling and testing, if acceptable, the fabric can move towards core production processes. This provide structure is applicable in FMCG (fast moving shopper goods) and prescribed drugs (drugs and injectable), or assembly just in case of electrical &electronics (computers, mobile, motors and pumps)and serious engineering kind of industries, like ship producing, plane producing, and high school building construction etc.
One of the issues related to BARCODE is that, these are liable to environmental conditions, like temperature, dirt, or risky contamination creating it tough for reader to scan the things whereas RFID are often utilized in rugged surroundings. Another different technology used for constant is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) that uses the radio waves for the aim of communication .This is a contactless technology which needs the tags to store product connected data and a reader to gather the item or product data and a middleware to gather data within the type of info which might be used later for company purpose.


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