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A shipping container is a storage container with strength suitable to withstand shipment, storage, and handling which is used for transportation of large amount of goods. It is surprise to note that 90 percent of world’s cargo is moved through ships.

There are various shipping containers and the most common ones are explained below:

General Purpose Containers-

These are the fully enclosed shipping containers with rigid roof, side walls and floor. These are also known as “Dry Containers” and are weather proof.

Flat Rack Containers-

This has collapsible sides that can be folded to make a flat rack. The end walls are stable enough to allow cargo securing, so they are ideal for shipping goods that are oversized, such as heavy machinery, vehicles on tracks, big reels and construction materials.

Open Top Containers-

These type of containers have convertible top that can be completely removed. This can be used for transporting over height or tall machinery.

Double Door Containers-

With doors on both sides also known as ‘Tunnel Container” are helpful for quickly loading and unloading goods

High Cube Containers-

These are similar to General Purpose Containers but taller than 1 foot height.

Open Side Containers-

In these containers the doors can be open on all sides. This makes loading and unloading materials easy.

ISO Reefer Containers-

These are used for the shipment of temperature sensitive, perishable cargo such as meats, fruits and vegetables.

Insulated Containers-

Like the ISO Reefer container, an insulated or thermal container has a regulated temperature control that allows them to withstand a higher temperature. This is used to transport pharmaceuticals, organs, blood, biological materials and chemicals.

Half Height Containers-

Containers that are designed for transporting bulk cargo that is heavy and dense are known as Half Height Containers. These are good for transporting goods such as coal and stones, so they are perfect for use in the mining industry.

Tank Containers-

Tank containers, or tankers, are made of strong steel or other anti-corrosive materials for the transportation and long-life protection of liquid materials.


These containers have become an inevitable part for the growth of world’s economy as they are required for the transportation of goods from countries to countries and in bulk quantities.


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