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Warehousing means the safe preservation of products till they’re sent to the shoppers. Generally, there’s a time gap between the assembly and consumption of product. By bridging this gap, storage creates time utility. Some quantity of products is keep at each stage within the promoting method. Proper and adequate arrangements to retail the products in good condition area unit essential for fulfillment in promoting. Storage allows firms to hold on production of products in anticipation of demand in future. A warehouse could be a place used for the storage or accumulation of products. Warehouses alter the businessmen to hold on production throughout the year and to sell their product, whenever there’s adequate demand. Need for warehouse arises additionally as a result of some merchandise area unit made solely in a very explicit season however area unit demanded throughout the year. Equally bound product area unit made throughout the year however demanded solely throughout a specific season. Re-position facilitates production and distribution on an out sized scale logistics colleges in kerala.


1.Regular production: Raw materials ought to be kept to alter production to be carried on unceasingly. Sometimes, merchandise area unit keep in anticipation of an increase in costs. Warehouses alter makers to provide merchandise in anticipation of demand in future.

2. Time utility: A warehouse creates time utility by transportation the time gap between the assembly and consumption of products. It helps in creating offered the products whenever needed or demanded by the shoppers Some merchandise area unit made throughout the year however demanded solely throughout explicit seasons, e.g., wool, raincoat, umbrella, heater, etc. on the opposite hand, some product area unit demanded throughout the year however they’re made in bound region, e.g., wheat, rice, potatoes, etc. merchandise like rice, tobacco, liquor and sugar become a lot of valuable with the passage of your time.

3. Storage of surplus goods: Basically, a warehouse acts as a store of surplus merchandise that aren’t required in real time. Merchandise area unit usually made in anticipation of demand and wish to be preserved properly till they’re demanded by the shoppers. Merchandise that aren’t needed in real time are often keep in a very warehouse to satisfy the demand in future.

4. Cost stabilization : Warehousing helps to bring about a lot of changes in costs by storing merchandise once their offer exceeds demand and by cathartic them once the demand is quite immediate productions. Warehouses guarantee an everyday offer of products within the market. This matching of offer with demand helps to stabilise costs.

5. Products are insured: Warehouses offer for the safe custody of products. Biodegradable products are often preserved in cold storage. By keeping their merchandise in warehouses, businessmen will minimise the loss from harm, fire, theft etc. the products unbroken within the warehouse area unit usually insured. Just in case of loss or harm to the products, the owner of products will get full compensation from the insurance firm.

6. Packing : Goods must be processed enough so that it is acceptable for human use, e.g., coffee, tobacco, etc. a contemporary warehouse provides facilities for process, packing, blending, grading etc., of the products for the aim of sale. The possible consumers will examine the products unbroken in a very warehouse.

7. Financing: Warehouses offer a receipt to the owner of products for the products unbroken within the warehouse. The owner will borrow cash against the protection of products by creating associate degree endorsement on the warehouse receipt. In some countries, warehouse authorities advance cash against the products deposited within the warehouse.


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