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What is meant by an ideal warehouse?


A warehouse will be a perfect warehouse if it possesses the following characteristics.

i. Warehouse ought to be situated at a convenient place close to highways, railway stations, airports and seaports wherever merchandise may be loaded and unloaded simply.

ii. Mechanical appliances ought to be there for loading and unloading the products. This reduces the wastage’s in handling and additionally minimizes handling prices.

iii. Adequate area ought to be offered within the building to stay the products in correct order.

iv. Ware houses meant for preservation of perishable things like fruits, vegetables, eggs and butter etc. ought to have cold storage facilities.

v. Correct arrangement ought to be there to safeguard the products from daylight, rain, wind, dust, wetness and pests.

vi. Proper car parking zone must be there within the premises to facilitate straightforward and fast loading and unloading of products.

vii. Around the clock security arrangement is a must to avoid loss of products.

viii. The building ought to be fitted with latest fireplace-fighting instrumentality to avoid loss of products because of fire.

There square measure differing kinds of warehouses. A deposition caters to the storage wants of various varieties of commodities. In order to fulfill their demand numerous varieties of warehouses came into existence, which can be classified as follows.

i. personal Warehouses

ii. Public Warehouses

iii. Government Warehouses

iv. Secured Warehouses

v. Co-operative Warehouses

i. Private Warehouses – The warehouses that square measure owned and managed by the makers or traders to store, completely, their own stock of products square measure called personal warehouses. Typically these warehouses square measure created by the farmers close to their fields, by wholesalers and retailers close to their business centre and by makers close to their factories. The planning and therefore the facilities provided in that square measure per the character of merchandise to be held on.

ii. Public Warehouses – The warehouses that are run to store merchandise of the overall public are called public warehouses. Anyone can store the merchandise in these warehouses on payment of rent. A personal, a partnership firm or a corporation could own these warehouses. To start out such warehouses a license from the government is needed. The government additionally regulates the functions and operations of those warehouses. Principally these warehouses square measure employed by makers, wholesalers, exporters, importers, government agencies, etc.

iii. Government Warehouses -These warehouses are owned, managed and controlled by central or state governments or public firms or native authorities. Each government and personal enterprises could use these warehouses to store their merchandise. Central Warehousing Corporation of India, State Warehousing Corporation and Food Corporation of Asian nation square measure samples of agencies maintaining government warehouses.

iv. Secured Warehouses – These warehouses are owned, managed and controlled by government moreover as personal agencies, personally secured warehouses have to be compelled to acquire the license from the govt. Secured warehouses are accustomed to store foreign merchandise that duty is however to be paid. Just in case of foreign merchandise the importers aren’t allowed to require away the products from the ports until such duty is paid. These warehouses are typically owned by dock authorities and located close to the ports.

v. Co-operative Warehouses – warehouses that are owned, managed and controlled by co-operative societies come under Cooperative warehouses. They supply deposition facilities at the foremost economical rates to the members of their society.


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