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The logistics industry has always been known as a male-dominated industry. Even in the 21st century, this is one of the only industries where still 70 per cent is dominated by men the number of women working at the top levels or in the operations department is far less than the number of men despite the fact that women have it in them what it takes to face the unique challenges of logistics and supply chain management by developing and implementing innovative solutions and optimising strategies that touches almost every aspect of a company and affect the various levels of an organization. Logistics contributes almost about 14 per cent to India’s GDP and if you include all service providers and modes of transport, it is also the industry with the largest employment base and maximum opportunities for jobs .Hard work and aptitude are the ultimate qualities, which guarantees one’s survival, growth and success in any industry .

Logistics courses in india today is one of the most important and relevant sectors of our economy. Women are hard working, committed and capable of any job whether it demands physical, intellectual or emotional strength .It is a fact that women, though involved at every step, with issues affecting the logistics sector, thereby, making a vital contribution to the growth of the industry are not employed in positions that require decision making. Despite having examples demonstrating women succeeding not only in sectors where traditionally they have had a strong presence, but also reaching leading positions in sectors that were previously believed to be the exclusive domain of men, the women find themselves disadvantaged in finding and keeping their jobs in this sector. Logistics sector is still male-dominated and, unfortunately, women have been underrepresented in this sector, though they are doing well in other sectors. This has been caused by mainly two reasons: First being women’s lack of interest in working in such environments (for example, transport) and different barriers that limited their access to male-dominated working environments. Still, the number of women in the logistics industry barely reaches expected level. Working environment, working hour and dealing with drivers makes this field more complex to work rather than banking or teaching job.

There has been a change in acceptance of women and also many women leaders rise in the industry to the top most positions, and that has been the most encouraging sign .To attract the women in this industry, it is imperative to educate them of the opportunities available and what this industry has to offer. Women who join the logistics industry need to know that it is a service industry and need to have good verbal and written communication skills, knowledge of logistical processes and procedures, focus on customer service and orientation, have a sharp business acumen along with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. The consideration that logistics industry is not meant for women is contentious as much as there is a growing recognition that there is a need for diversity at the senior management level in every industry. The rationale behind integrating women into this industry stems from the belief that women have greater aptitude in key skill areas as process improvement, organisation, planning and communication .All the women in this industry today are at powerful positions and are at par with the men. Thus in times to come this percentage will only increase.


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