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The world today has been showing a positive attitude to the upliftment of Women. As in any field, women have stepped into being Truck Drivers too. Though it is a male-dominated society, women are increasingly attracted to this profession due to the equal pay and great demand for truck drivers. Women contribute to more than 7 per cent of truck drivers.

There are even Organisations and Associations for Women in Trucking. One such Association is the Women in Trucking Association (WIT). It is an American Non-Profit Organisation founded by Ellen Voie in the year 2007. She is now the President and CEO and holds Class-A commercial driver’s license. The organisation works for the support of the women who are already into it and who are willing to step into this.

REAL Women in Trucking, is another trade association that was formed by seasoned female commercial motor vehicle drivers that saw a need for an authentic representation of the trucking industry.

Challenges and Opportunities for women in trucking

The male-dominated trucking field has challenges and opportunities for women entering this field. Some of these hurdles are created by the industry and others by the regulatory environment. For example, the truck cabs are built in such a way to fit the larger physical size of a man which makes it difficult for women to adjust. Another factor is the safety of Parking lots and Rest places. Women also refrain from this due to the Long hours and being away from family for days or weeks at a time.

Though there are many challenges, more women are entering into this field which is a positive sign. 


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