Eight Suggestions to Reduce Supply Chain Disruption

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There are numerous potential causes of supply chain disruption, and recent events have significantly increased the demand on companies to handle supply chain disruptions more effectively. 90% of supply-chain executives declared their intention to improve their supply chains’ flexibility, agility, and resilience in 2020; the vast majority of them followed through on this commitment. Still, […]

7 Technology Trends to Watch in Transportation and Logistics

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As a result of ongoing globalism, consumerism, and urbanisation, we have witnessed unprecedented growth in the freight transportation industry. Additional developments and disruptions in the transportation and logistics (TNL) sector include digital transformation, new market entrants, shifting consumer expectations, and new emerging business models. The TNL industry has therefore been thought to require, and would […]

Managing the Increasing Complexity of Supply Chains

The supply chain appears to move into more modern territory with the emergence of new global consumer markets, which are distinguished by sourcing activities and cheap production costs. A surge in supply chain complexity has begun to be felt by manufacturers, despite the fact that it provided excitement and boosted income. Diverse industry changes are […]

Career Guidance for Supply Chain Experts

Being an expert in the supply chain at this time is fantastic. The Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive computing, and augmented reality are some of the developing technologies that are posing new challenges and opportunities for supply chain management (SCM) professionals. The distinctions between planning and execution are becoming more hazy as real-time technologies proliferate. […]

Supply Chain Management and Related Careers

Due to the rising popularity of online purchasing, especially in the wake of the pandemic, supply chain management has emerged as one of the most sought-after professions today. Businesses and eCommerce firms work hard to make the entire online purchasing experience hassle-free for customers. However, despite how simple it may appear on the surface, businesses […]

What are the Current Biggest Difficulties in Logistics Management?

Managing the logistics process has always been difficult, but it gets considerably more difficult with time Almost all businesses, regardless of their industry, need to buy and sell commodities, resources, and other things that need to be transported to a certain area. The fact is that because e-commerce is a form of mass buying, the […]