Explained: The Cold Chain Process

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What distinguishes the cold chain system from a standard supply chain? A different kind of supply chain than your typical one is the cold chain. It entails transporting chilled or frozen goods from temperatures as low as -2 degrees Celsius (or 35 degrees Fahrenheit) to as high as -70 degrees Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit). Industries […]

How to Make Logistics Operations for E-Commerce Companies More Effective

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Growing numbers of customers are flocking to internet purchasing for their requirements, revolutionising how organisations conduct business. As a result, logistics has become a critical aspect of e-commerce businesses, with the need for faster and more efficient delivery services to meet customer expectations. In this blog post, we will discuss the various strategies and best […]

Cues to flexible Logistics

Today’s Logistics demands adaptable systems that can change with the market and respond to shifting consumer demand. Unexpected situations that could impact operations like storage, picking, and goods dispatch should be planned for in a company’s Logistics strategy. Many organisations have improved their Logistics flexibility to become more competitive as a result of factors like […]

Eight Suggestions to Reduce Supply Chain Disruption

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There are numerous potential causes of supply chain disruption, and recent events have significantly increased the demand on companies to handle supply chain disruptions more effectively. 90% of supply-chain executives declared their intention to improve their supply chains’ flexibility, agility, and resilience in 2020; the vast majority of them followed through on this commitment. Still, […]

7 Technology Trends to Watch in Transportation and Logistics

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As a result of ongoing globalism, consumerism, and urbanisation, we have witnessed unprecedented growth in the freight transportation industry. Additional developments and disruptions in the transportation and logistics (TNL) sector include digital transformation, new market entrants, shifting consumer expectations, and new emerging business models. The TNL industry has therefore been thought to require, and would […]

Managing the Increasing Complexity of Supply Chains

The supply chain appears to move into more modern territory with the emergence of new global consumer markets, which are distinguished by sourcing activities and cheap production costs. A surge in supply chain complexity has begun to be felt by manufacturers, despite the fact that it provided excitement and boosted income. Diverse industry changes are […]